• Kind of bothers me that the health is already decreasing on this battery? Is this normal?

  • Is it normal for Xcode to just use two cores for Simulator when you aren’t even doing anything?

  • Was trying to figure out the angle to attack this feature for a few days now, really blocked. Then I figured I’d just give the TDD a shot and its amazing how it just takes you through the steps in such small ways but when you look back you have so much done.

  • I’m going back through the Essential Developer iOS Lead course and this is one of my favorite tricks they teach.

    addTeardownBlock invoked after each test is run in XCTestCase

    This allows you to test for memory leaks in your tests.

  • Good to see Jens talking about Solo with Tom Quayle and David Beebee. We worked really hard on this so its good to see people getting something out of it.


  • It’s so nice to be back in planning stages now that Android is shipped.

  • It’s available play.google.com/store/app… you can now get Solo on android as well as iOS.

  • Big night as I have a release candidate done for Solo on Android. Quite the journey learning Android along the way. I’m really proud of what it has become though and I think it is a worthy sibling to the iOS app.

  • It’s been a truly humbling experience trying to write an app in Android. After 12 years of iOS experience I thought it was going to be easy. I was wrong. But its still progressing so time to get back to it.

  • Oh and Solo website

  • I’m very excited that we just released a new app. Solo - Fretboard Visualization This has taken most of my free time for the last year but its been a blast to work with Tom Quayle and David Beebee on this. Youtube preview

  • What the previous linked code produces.

  • Ok, SwiftUI is getting interesting quickly. I really enjoyed the first challenge app in 100 days of SwiftUI day 19. github.com/mpattee/1…

  • Finished day 16 of 100 days of Swift UI, yeah I ended up just testing through the rest of the swift bits.

  • Completed day 10 of 100 days of SwiftUI

  • Completed day 9 of 100 days of SwiftUI

  • Finished day 5-8 between yesterday and today. 100 days of swift UI. I like how its broken down I just want to get to the part that’s new :)

  • Day 4 of 100 days of swift completed. I don’t think I’ve ever actually used named loops.

  • Completed day 3 of 100 days of SwiftUI, yeah its day two still, sue me, this isn’t exactly new and I’d like to get to the swift UI.

  • Completed day two of 100 days of SwiftUI, having used swift for quite awhile at this point it’s mostly review. However I did learn two little tidbits. “”” multi-line strings and default values on dictionary lookups. Seems like it would be more useful to provide a default value for a dictionary but you can’t do that.

  • Going to start doing the 100 days of SwiftUI so needed somewhere to post about it.

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